With Laura Sargent-Hall, & Vanilla Cream Pie.
 With Paul Auster, David Mazzucchelli, Art Spiegelman, & Bill Kartalopoulos .
 With Jeff Smith.
 With Roz Chast & Art Spiegelman.
 With Al Jaffee & Michael Kupperman.
 With Gary Lieb, Kaz, Mark Newgarden's toaster, Charles Burns, & James Sturm.
 With Lisa Hanawalt, Aisha  Franz, & Jillian Tamaki.
 With David Mazzucchelli & Chip Kidd.
 With R. O. Blechman.
 With Fran├žoise Mouly .
 With Bob Sikoryak & Gary Panter.
 With Peter Kuper & Calvin Reid.
 with Liana Finck and Gabrielle Bell
 with Patrick McDonnell, Gary Panter, Roz Chast, Mark Newgarden
 with Liniers.
 with Dominique Goblet.
 with Eddie Campbell and Mark Newgarden.
 with Chester Brown.
 With Mafalda.
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