With Laura Sargent-Hall, & Vanilla Cream Pie.
 With Mark Newgarden and two Eisner Awards at San Diego Comic Con 2018.
 With Paul Auster, David Mazzucchelli, Art Spiegelman, & Bill Kartalopoulos .
 With Jeff Smith.
 With Lisa Hanawalt, Aisha  Franz, & Jillian Tamaki.
 With Roz Chast & Art Spiegelman.
 With Al Jaffee & Michael Kupperman.
 With Gary Lieb, Kaz, Mark Newgarden's toaster, Charles Burns, & James Sturm.
 With Fran├žoise Mouly .
 With David Mazzucchelli & Chip Kidd.
 With R. O. Blechman.
 With Bob Sikoryak & Gary Panter.
 with Liana Finck and Gabrielle Bell
 With Peter Kuper & Calvin Reid.
 with Patrick McDonnell, Gary Panter, Roz Chast, Mark Newgarden
 with Liniers.
 with Dominique Goblet.
 with Eddie Campbell and Mark Newgarden.
 with Chester Brown.
 With Mafalda.
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